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Law and Order – Best Seller

  • Police Museum, Greater Manchester

    Manchester's law
  • Police Museum, Greater Manchester - Poster

    Manchester's law
  • Police Museum, Greater Manchester - Villians

    Manchester's law and order
2021 Prices On Request

Journey through Manchester’s law and order on this crime tour for groups.

Spend the day with your guide who will take you and your group on a journey into the dark corners of Manchester’s law and order past. From murderers to gangsters, the city has had its fair share of villains, unravel their secrets on this Manchester crime tour!

Highlights include:

Salford Lads Club

Salford Lads’ Club was part of the wider movement of lads clubs set up by local companies and philanthropists between 1886 and 1910 in many industrialised cities, particularly the North West of England. The aim was to provide positive alternatives to the teenage street gangs of the time with sports, arts, cultural and educational activities.

Greater Manchester Police Museum

The Museum was founded in 1981 and it is now funded by the Greater Manchester Police. This museum has an impressive collection of archive material and objects relating to the history of policing in the Greater Manchester area. It is also an important resource for community engagement here in Manchester. Furthermore, GMP Museum holds primary and secondary source information about the history and development of Greater Manchester policing. Explore the collections of evidence from important trials of the past. Also, did you know the GMP Museum is built on actual Victorian cells that housed up to 12 prisoners each, don’t miss them!




Tuesdays only - 2021 Dates On Request


Salford Lads Club

Enjoy a guided tour around the Salford Lads Club with some morning coffee.


Manchester’s criminal past

Discover the places which are significant in the city’s criminal past. From murderers to gangsters, Manchester has had its fair share of villains!


Lunch at a Manchester Hotel

Enjoy your two-course lunch with tea and coffee.


Greater Manchester Police Museum

Enjoy a fascinating guided tour around this museum. You will be drawn to the collections of evidence from important trials of the past, to the actual Victorian cells that housed up to 12 prisoners each!

The 2020 price was £27.00 (for reference)

Prices are per person based on 35 paying persons.

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