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Walt Disney Studios® Park

Bistrot Chez Rémy: Typical French Dining with a Rat’s Eye View – Toon Studios

Shrink down to the size of Rémy and feast on French cuisine in this Parisian bistro straight from the world of a Disney•Pixar classic. Pull up a giant champagne cork and take your seat at your jam jar lid in this larger-than-life eatery. Here, oversized cocktail umbrellas, cookbooks and cutlery give you a rat’s eye view, all whilst you and your little colony indulge in Rémy’s special menu: seasonal salad, cut of beef, of course Ratatouille , Brie de Meaux and a large choice of desserts. Bon appétit!
Half- and full-board plus and premium vouchers are accepted in this restaurant. Bistrot Chez Rémy is hugely popular so advance reservations are highly recommended.

La Place de Remy ©Disney

La Place de Remy ©Disney

Café des Cascadeurs: Where Hollywood’s Bravest Fill Up on Courage – Backlot

Zoom your little daredevils over to the Backlot for some big American fillers in this airstream caravan-turned-authentic 50s diner. Jumping over canyons, flipping cars and flying through fire balls soon builds up an appetite. Stuntmen are hungry animals, yet this gleaming Americana style diner has more than enough premium burgers and bottomless cold drinks to keep them chomping at the bit.

Disney Blockbuster Café: Big Bites from the Big Screen

Dine amongst Disney blockbusters in this industrial props warehouse serving up a range of hot and cold dishes. A healthy appetite is recommended for this massive warehouse that dishes up delicious sandwiches, pizza and pasta. And it’s all amongst a glittering collection of Disney props and costumes, including decor from Iron Man and a buccaneering Pirates of the Caribbean dining area.

Restaurant des Stars

Take your seat among the stars and enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet in this Art deco eatery. Famous faces in film fill the walls in this classy French buffet restaurant serving traditional French fare.
Half- and full-board standard vouchers are accepted in this restaurant. Restaurant des Stars is hugely popular so advance reservations are highly recommended.

Restaurant en Coulisse Presented by Coca-Cola : Eat Like a Film Star

Take a break from being a movie star and relax between takes in an eatery reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood. Hidden behind the lights, cameras and action of Disney Studio 1 sits the perfect place to pick up a burger or some salad, where neon lights, props and famous Hollywood addresses make you feel like a film star.
Menu 3 vouchers are accepted in this restaurant.


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