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Group Tours in Australia & N.Z.

Find the perfect tour to Australia & New Zealand for your group

Greatdays Travel Group’s Worldwide team are experts in helping you book and get the most out of your tour to Australia and New Zealand for you and your group.

A medley of mountains, a divers dream, a picture of paradise – Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific are the perfect blend of tropical adventure and island relaxation. From the vibrant coastal metropolises of Australia to the rolling green hills of New Zealand, this vast and exotic part of the world is the ultimate place for adventure. Read more

Comprised of islands nations, only the Pacific Ocean connects these unique and untainted palm-laden oases. Despite its size, this continent has a whole lot to offer the adventure seeker. Surfing, bungee jumping and zorbing – it’s also the ideal place for the adrenaline junkie.

Visit Australia and New Zealand

The less daring may feel more at ease relaxing with the laid-back locals on any one of the thousands of pristine beaches. Don’t be fooled, as well as the modern architecture of the cosmopolitan cities such as the iconic Sydney Opera House.  This incredible continent is adorned with natural beauty such as the kaleidoscopic Great Barrier Reef and the sacred and spectacular Uluru. Age old customs continue to live on in an increasingly modern world.

If Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific sounds like the ideal place for your group’s next trip then contact Greatdays. We can offer an excellent selection of tailor-made tours for your group to explore this beautiful continent.

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