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Sales and Marketing Department

Welcome to our to our department, our sales team look forward taking your enquiry offering guidance and suitable suggestions on where to travel, based on either personal experience or that of other members of staff within the company. Working alongside our Marketing Manager who keeps our website up to date and produces all our ‘Point of Sale’ material  to ensure you are kept up to date with our vast range of products, by telephone, e-marketing, social media, mailing brochures, personal visits, presentations and attending a many trade-related exhibitions, workshops and familiarisation trips.


Martin Slater, National Sales Manager

Aided by my team of four Sales Managers I bring enquiries to the business, cementing and creating long term business relationships. I’ve over 40 years’ experience in travel and tourism and 24 years in group travel. My role involves attending lots of industry events too – perhaps I’ll see you out there.

About Martin

Favourite holiday: Lake Bled (back when it was still in Yugoslavia) – This was my honeymoon in 1985! at the 5* Toplice Hotel with a Lake View, visiting the surrounding area including the capital Llubijana and a very expensive – but altogether fantastic – day in Venice.

Favourite Greatdays tour: More recently I would say Cultural Cambridge, Newmarket & Ely. Cambridge is a fantastic city and I think the Cambridge American Cemetery at Madingley is very underappreciated. The star attraction has to be the National Stud at Newmarket, though – let’s just say you’ll learn a lot there, perhaps more than you bargained for!

Hobbies and hidden talents: I like nothing more than complete and utter relaxation at the weekend caravan with a G&T, a few cold beers and some good pub food. As for talents, I do a pretty good impression of Donald Duck, without having to look like him.

Fun facts: I like to think I am pretty good at winding people up and can be a bit of a joker.

Claire Buckley, Sales Manager Private Groups

I build relationships with new and returning clients with regular contact – whether that be phone calls or visits – and follow up on quotations to make sure we meet all the client’s requirements. I use my 30 years experience in the travel industry to ensure the smooth transition from enquiry to tour departure, liaising with other departments within the company.

About Claire

Favourite holiday: Tour of Asia, walked/ climbed and nearly died doing the Great Wall of China. It taught me if I can do that I can do anything. I still have a fear of heights though!

Favourite Greatdays tour: Dutch Dahlias – I loved this tour, it was a wonderful procession of amazing talent in beautiful surroundings.

Hobbies and hidden talents: I love a pub quiz and regularly attend my local one with my team. I also love attending live music and theatre. I learnt ballroom and salsa dancing, but I’m not sure I’ll be going on Strictly anytime soon…

Fun fact: I had professional dance teachers teach me a routine to Right Said Fred for the ‘Rep Show’ – I was too sexy.

Dawn Bennison, Sales Manager Private Groups

I am the first point of call for group enquiries and work hard to meet everybody’s needs. Specifically I look after National Trust, Women’s Institutes and Probus groups as well as groups from Bedfordshire in the south all the way to Orkney Isles in Scotland.  You’ll often see me out and about at trade shows promoting the Greatdays brand with my vast knowledge of the products and services we offer.

About Dawn

Favourite holiday: My favourite holiday place has to be Crete. Steeped in history with gorgeous beach tavernas, cobbled street with locals darning a yarn, and endless feta cheese (my only weakness), I love Crete. My grandad was a Prisoner of War in Crete so it holds a very special place close to my heart. I have been back 3 times, once on a cruise which was magical.

Favourite Greatdays tour: It has to be Northern Ireland Twin Centre – A tale of two cities tour. I love the island of Ireland for its amazing variety of castles, gardens, boats and trains. The Two Cities tour visits Belfast and Derry, taking in all the fascinating recent history of the two cities. Both Belfast andf Derry are so diverse and combine elements of Irish and British culture.

Hobbies and hidden talents: I love to keeping fit and I’ve a real penchant for arts & crafts and gardening. I enjoy upholstering and up-cycling – I’ve always liked to tidy and I like taking something old and beaten up and make it beautiful and new.

Fun fact: Several years ago a bid for a conservatory on whim and won. I was sure it’d be a doddle to move and rebuild at my own house. After two trips in my dad’s transit van and a little help from family, I found myself digging out footings in the garden looking like Cruella De Vil on a wild hair day. It was a lot of work but in the end I got the conservatory built and now it serves as a reminder of what I can achieve (but also to think before I buy in the future) – though if I ever move house, I will not be taking it with me!

Diane Faulkner, Sales Manager Private Groups

Details to follow.

Emma Vickers, Sales Manager Private Groups & Travel Agents

My role at Greatdays is all about building relationships and helping groups and traders get the best out of their dealings with us. I focus on working with travel agents and ensure clients are kept up to date with new and updated products and market changes. Group travel can be a complicated business and I’m here to make it a little simpler – or at least handle the hard parts for you.

About Emma

Favourite holiday: I’ve had so many great holidays, it’s hard to choose. But since you’re making me, I went to the Cannes Film Festival. There was a Tim Burton exhibition on, which was really interesting – including a room with some behind-the-scenes stuff. The festival was amazing and there were so many opportunities to see indie movies and short films.

Favourite Greatdays tour: I like the look of Barcelona & the Jewels of Catalonia. I love Gothic architecture so Barcelona and Girona really appeal to me. Barcelona has such an amazing history of art too with Antoni Gaudí and the Picasso Museum.

Hobbies and hidden talents: I like taking walks and I just recently started skateboarding (though I’ll only do it when the sun is out). I like going to gigs too, though I’ve got kind of unusual taste – one gig that sticks out was Elvana, an Elvis tribute act singing Nirvana songs. I like drawing and work with fine lines and dots. I’m also pretty good at portraits and a flat-pack furniture expert.

Fun fact: I once had a full blown conversation with a living statue in Spain – they spoke Spanish and I spoke English and I felt like I understood them even though I don’t speak a word of Spanish.


Jan Hurst, Design and Marketing Manager

I’m responsible for designing and producing all the marketing and promotional literature such as brochures, flyers and banners. I negotiate the best rates and timescales for all outsourced production work. I design our advertisements and liaise with trade magazines for best rates and ensure copy deadlines are meet. I police our website for style and consistency and I ensure all images either sourced by myself or sourced by my colleagues adhere to copyright laws.

About Jan

Favourite holiday: Canada and Chicago. I went with friends and stayed in Sarnia, where Lake Huron (more like an ocean!) flows into the St. Clair River to form the Canada–United States border, making it easy just to pop over to America for breakfast. My main highlight was standing just a few feet away from Niagara Falls and the boat trip into the Falls where you get absolutely drenched – it was so exhilarating. We also took the Amtrax train to Chicago for 3 days. We also saw a baseball game in Detroit (not strictly my thing but when in America…).

Favourite Greatdays tour: I’d love to go to Switzerland or Austria to see the stunning scenery – both in summer and winter and going on one of the amazing trains. So I would probably pick either Austrian Lakes and Mountain or maybe the St Anton and Tyrolean Dreams tour.

Hobbies and hidden talents: I love the movies and going to the cinema. When I’m not at the silver screen I’m usually exercising, taking walks or reading. I’m still searching for my hidden talent, although maybe not quite a talent, I was fairly good at drawing but not done any for along time so that could have changed.

Fun fact: I went potholing when I was younger and had an amazing time. There’s no way you’d catch me doing it now though!

Jack Meredith, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator

I handle all things SEO and social media. Aside from keeping up Greatdays’ online presence and getting the word out about tours, I focus on keeping web content consistent, interesting and, ideally, discoverable. In short: I do social media, I write copy and I try to make you read things.

About Jack

Favourite holiday: One of the first trips I took on my own was interrailing around Europe. My budget afforded one meal shared with a friend each day and whatever could be scrounged for under a euro. I’ve really fond memories of sitting in a park in Vienna with a beer and book in the dying light of day as a band began playing (the setting sun did make it hard to read, however).

Favourite Greatdays tour: I used to live in Brussels and Berlin so I’m going to recommend both as places to visit. Brussels is a contradiction of a city, it’s beautiful and ugly all at once and that’s part of its charm, plus, y’know the beer is awesome. Berlin is absolutely my favourite though; you step off the plane into an atmosphere of open-mindedness and diversity that hits you like the tarmac humidity of a desert airport.

Hobbies and hidden talents: I like to cook – until I don’t. I enjoy trying new recipes and adapting them to make something of my own, but I also go through periods where the mere thought of a saucepan sends me to bedlam. I’m really into music and movies, everything from old school punk to modern electronic stuff and indie. I also like to read, as much as I seem to try to avoid opening a book. As for talents, I’m a passable artist (so long as expectations aren’t high) and I used to be reasonably competent on skis and playing a saxophone (not simultaneously).

Fun fact: I once set the record for most lies told in a company profile.

Greatdays Wholesale

Greatdays offer a trade only booking service for coach and tour operators or professional group travel organisers and we can provide single or multiple elements of a holiday.

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Greatdays Holidays

Greatdays are able to offer a complete tailor-made booking service for group travel organisers with the help of one of our friendly consultants to assist you through the booking process.

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