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UK and Ireland Department

Our product team look after different geographical areas of the UK & Ireland and regularly visit hotels and attractions within these areas. This is a lot of work but it’s worth it as it allows us to become product specialists and pass on our in-depth knowledge to ensure that your tour is just right.

Mark Bentley-Fisher, Manager

I manage the UK & Ireland team, looking after all trip requests from 1 to 500 people and upwards.

About Mark

Favourite holiday: A short stay at a luxury desert hideaway in Borrego Springs, California. I had a private cabana with pool, looking out over nothing but desert – and it was HOT!

Favourite Greatdays tour: I would love to cruise down the coast of Norway with the Hurtigruten cruise – the scenery looks fabulous

Hobbies and hidden talents: Enjoy meeting people, eating drinking, and walking in the beautiful Peak District. Oh, and I can rustle up a mean Shepherd’s Pie or Chilli Con Carne (unless all my dinner guests are just being polite…)

Fun fact: I enjoy reading bus & train timetables.

Lisa Buller, UK & Ireland Manager

Details to follow.

Katharine Worsley, UK & Ireland Product Manager

Details to follow.

Sarah Phillips, Group Travel Consultant

Though I may be physically at the Greatdays office, my mind is in Ireland, Scotland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, which is just as well as they’re the areas I organise tours for. I enjoy sticking my teeth in to an itinerary (especially Scotland), as well as suggesting attractions to make our clients holidays more interesting. The rest of my day is spent negotiating with hotels and working with clients to ensure they have the best experience working with Greatdays.

About Sarah

Favourite holiday: That’s a difficult one. I loved Gdansk and Krakow and will never forget visiting the Arctic Circle and the North Cape of Norway. However, I think my all time favourite would have to be Italy. We visited Rome, Pompeii, and Sorrento and travelled along the Amalfi Coast. I made some amazing memories and met some great people along the way.

Favourite Greatdays tour: Back in October 2018, I did the Little Trains and Boats of Ireland tour. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip; everything just seemed to fit together nicely. The attractions were interesting and informative with the added bonus of pretty scenery and, not forgetting, the best hotel bed ever at the Fitzgeralds Woodlands Hotel in Adare.

Hobbies and hidden talents: I like to walk in the countryside and enjoy the peace and quiet. I also like picnics and, my all time favourite pastime, coach spotting. Oh, and I love a tipple of whisky.

As for a hidden talent, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am very proud to say, I once drove my own coach across Denmark and Sweden all the way to Moscow, a fantastic experience, especially at the Russian border – after a gruelling 4 hours, security finally accepted women could drive coaches.

Fun fact: I’m eccentric and I’m great at remembering useless pieces of information. I believe teddy bears are real and coaches can talk to you!

Charlotte Morrissey, Group Travel Consultant

I hold the weight of England on one shoulder and Wales on the other! I look after domestic group bookings to both England and Wales and have oversee the smooth running of our various entertainment events.

About Charlotte

Favourite holiday: I think I’d be daft to say anything apart from New York. It was my first ever visit to the US (and indeed my first holiday outside of Europe) and I was just in awe! What’s not to love about a trip on the Staten Island Ferry in November?!

Favourite Greatdays tour: I’d have to say either Great Gardens of Cornwall or Isle of Wight Explorer. We’re very fortunate to have such beautiful places right here in the UK – I loved visiting Queen Victoria’s residence on the Isle of Wight, Osborne House. Visiting Cornwall is a little like going abroad, it’s so unique and different to the rest of the UK.

Hobbies and hidden talents: Watching football, dancing like nobody’s watching at a concert and going to the cinema. I don’t know about hidden talents, but I did two 15k runs dressed as Tinkerbell and Pocahontas to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and Christie’s. (We think that counts as pretty special!)

Fun fact: I once got into a fight over Danny from McFly’s towel at a concert when he threw it into the crowd

Emma McGinnity, Group Travel Consultant

Details to follow.

Gail Manson, Group Travel Consultant

Details to follow.

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