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Group Tours to the USA

Find the perfect tour to the United States of America for your group

Unmissable, Stunning, Amazing. The USA is one of the world’s most visited countries for a reason, it has everything. A nation with a fascinating history, it’s a place of adventure and excitement. The Statue of Liberty, the Hollywood sign, the White House – all things that spring to mind when you think of America but there’s much more to be discovered. New York offers a never ending list of things to do and see; its culture, diversity and energy really prove that it really is the ‘city that never sleeps’. Learn about the country’s past and the American Revolution from the place where it all began, New England. Music lovers venture to the Deep South, the birthplace of Jazz, Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Head west to the urban Mecca that is Los Angeles, for a taste of the film star lifestyle.

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The USA manages to blend buzzing metropolises with unmatched natural beauty. This vast and diverse country offers breathtakingly beautiful landscapes from the remote red rock deserts in the west to the subtropical Everglades in the east, not forgetting the towering snow-capped peaks of the Rockies, the majestic Grand Canyon and the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls, all squeezed inbetween. Travelling from one state to another is like visiting a new country; each unique and each exciting. Heavily influenced by traditional, regional and global cultures, the US takes food very seriously. The classic burger and fries is a staple on almost every menu here but thanks to the diverse population of Italian, Chinese and Mexican immigrants, there is an almost infinite choice of restaurants, bars and food trucks serving authentic and tantalising flavours and cuisines. This is the place for foodies with a big appetite. The diverse and vibrant atmosphere of the world’s most exciting cities, the stunning natural landscapes and the mouth-watering flavours make the USA a country unlike any other.

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Greatdays are able to offer a complete tailor-made booking service for group travel organisers with the help of one of our friendly consultants to assist you through the booking process.

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